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2022 The Misfit Rosé2022 The Misfit Rosé

Our Story

Creativity, technology and wine
are what formed a bond between
Zachary and David.

Both working in the entertainment and technology industry, many wines were shared and discovered at the end of many gigs and a passion for this fermented grape drink was formed. For both of them something seemed obvious, wines were more focused on scores, the status and the accolades rather than the creativity of winemaking. There seemed so many rules for what wines were “supposed to be” and following the staus quo to drive sales and points. There had to be more to wines than this.

Even though Zachary and David live miles apart they understand good wine is about trusting your gut, not a rule book. We source fruit from great vineyards and growers to create wines of truth, influenced by unique ideas, bold concepts and a little bit of chaos. Our two worlds colide. This is Anarchy Wines.

It's time to break the rules.