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Our Story

Our Past

Anarchy Wines started with a dream one night in 2013. Dave and Zach were sitting around listening to music and cooking dinner. They dribbled on and on about all sorts of things under the sun, but the one thing they kept reaching back for was the conversation about wine production. A few glasses down and Dave’s kid’s now in bed, the two set about working on an idea; their very own bottle of wine that gave other people the same interesting, belonging and enjoyment. A bottle of wine for having with your friends, with none of the fuss, none of the pomp, and certainly none of the circumstance.

Dave moved his family to the Barossa Valley in South Australia to get the best grapes in the Southern Hemisphere and began the process of experimentation. Anarchy Wines wasn’t going to be about the set processes that other big labels might use; it wasn’t going to be the same recipes that everyone else used over and over again. It was going to be new, exciting – trial and error. It was going to be directed chaos.

Meanwhile Zach kept working behind the scenes to get things rolling. What it took to get the business set up, the hard-mental labour to get the big picture out there. Being in different locations made it hard. Although as soon as wines started to be put in bottles the distance didn’t seem so bad. Flights, video calls and text messaging bridged the gap and regardless of the distance the passion was there.

Our Present

Today, Dave and Zach have finally come to share their wines with you. It’s your time to join them at the table, crack open the bottle, and get down to the laughter. Anarchy Wines is more than just a wine label, it’s a community of people coming together with the same goal. We don’t just want a wine that makes us feel like we’re at a wine tasting show with men in suits in a big convention centre. We want to be where the people are getting together and having fun. We want to be in the kitchen, on the patio, around the campfire. We want to be where the action is to make the memories last a lifetime.

The wine isn’t the most important thing in the world. The wine is your wingman, your stagehand, your backup dancers, your groupies, your hype man. Wine is just a drink at the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be tasty. We could tell you that we use some fancy grapes and have recipes that are hundreds of years old and come from a secluded region of France. Or we could just be honest and say that wine shouldn’t be about all the fancy stuff, it should be about the experiences and the memories you make with the people you care about and it should be bloody delicious

That’s what Anarchy is all about. It’s freedom from the boundaries and expectations expected by the status quo. It’s breaking apart what came before so we can build from the ground up. It’s flipping the bird to some old ideas. We’re the Troublemaker and the Protagonist. We’re writing our story. together with you. Of underdogs fighting the big leagues. The revolutionaries taking down the old system. A group of misfits making a family.

Our Future

We can’t say we haven’t exactly thought of how nice it would be to have a really successful brand, and retire like rock stars. But the most important thing to us is the community we want to build along the way. We want our Anarchists with us as we go on this journey. Grow with us as the family grows, the table gets bigger, and we pull up more seats. One day we hope to build the team with a passionate, self motivated group of individuals that enjoy Dave talking sh%#.

Anarchy Wines was a simple dream, to make a wine that stripped away all the boring marketing and was just down to earth and real. Something you could rely on to take off the shelf when a friend was over. An old faithful that would never let you down. No matter what happens to us and to Anarchy in the future, we’ll never let that dream die. It’s a legacy we want to make, a mark we could leave on the world. It’s a unique story, and we hope that you’ll write that story with us too.

About Zach

Zachary has been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience in events ranging from theatrical shows, large scale corporate events, touring concerts, music festivals, corporate roadshows and bespoke activations.

While touring around the world he always found time to stop by the Barossa Valley as it felt like a second home to Queensland where he is based. With experience working on other business projects, he’s got not just a creative mindset but also a practical business orientated set of skills.

Anarchy isn’t just a business, it’s about building relationships through shared experiences. Wine allows him to be creative in different ways and being able to share that with people is an exciting prospect for the future.

About Dave

Dave is a production man, a father, and most of all a man who just wants to make a solid wine.

He’s always hated the snobby nature of the big labels. A high-quality wine shouldn’t make you have to get a diploma in wine tasting just to appreciate it. No-fuss, no worries, down to earth just like him.

Dave is a family man who wants to build a legacy not just for his family, but for his community. As part of the Barossa Region’s many winemakers, Dave hopes that the wine they create together will inspire the happy memories in the loyal Anarchists that he creates and cherishes with his children every day.

Coming from a background in creative design and theatre, Dave and his family moved to the Barossa Valley Region in 2015 with the dream to create his own label with his friend Zach from back home in Queensland. Learning a lot from the earth and getting his hands dirty in the winery, experimenting with flavours, and exploring new techniques, he’s taken the practical skills he’s learned to start producing high-quality wines in small batches.