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Discover the Best of Barossa Valley Shiraz

The Barossa Valley is one of the world’s most famous wine regions, known for producing internationally renowned wines like Penfolds and Henschke. Among these excellent wines, Shiraz is the jewel in the crown of Australian wine, and the Barossa Valley’s particular expression of this grape is incredibly unique.

History of Barossa Valley Shiraz

Barossa Valley’s wine production, especially its production of Shiraz, has a globally significant history. The oldest grapevines in Australia and some of the oldest vines in the world grow in the Barossa Valley, planted by German settlers in 1842. The Barossa was always destined for Shiraz success, boasting myriad soil types, topographies, climates, and some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. With winemakers’ legacies and generational art passed down through the decades, Barossa Valley Shiraz is unique and is constantly improving upon, and building on, a history of fine winemaking.

Characteristics of Shiraz

Shiraz is known for its bold, full-bodied flavour with notes of deep, dark fruits, pepper, smoke, and spice. Given that the flavour, texture, and color of grapes are borne of their environment, the different regions within the Barossa yield Shirazes that express the Shiraz grape’s aroma and tastes differently. Barossa Valley’s Shiraz is known for its dark berry flavours, such as blackberry, currant, and mocha, with a smokey tobacco hit. It is also known for its rich clay-like earthiness, with an almost “meaty” quality. Generally, Barossa Valley Shiraz ages incredibly well, and its alcohol content is relatively high at about 14-15%.

Barossa Valley Shiraz Regions

The Barossa Valley features a vast expanse of land, yielding Shiraz grapes that express differently depending on where they’ve hailed from. Eden Valley, part of the Greater Barossa Zone, has a higher elevation. Therefore, the grapes may be harvested up to a fortnight later than those in the Barossa Valley proper. Eden Valley Shiraz echoes Barossa Valley Shiraz’s distinctive blackberry notes, with even more pepper notes and both intense and elegant.

Must-Try Barossa Valley Shiraz

Barossa Valley Wine Company’s Gravel Track Shiraz’s unique cooler climate site draws out vibrant plum and blackberry characters from the grapes with hints of chocolate, black pepper spice, and earthiness. Farms Shiraz, grown at the border of the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills, expresses iconic Barossa Valley Shiraz at its best, featuring vibrant plum and blackberry characters, with hints of chocolate, black pepper spice, and earthiness. Stockyard Shiraz, grown on different soil, expresses itself with more blackberry, plum, and liquorice and a hint of savoury white spice on the nose.

Best Barossa Valley Shiraz by Year

Each year environmental conditions can drastically change the characteristics of Shiraz, making each vintage unique.

  • Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015: A better year than the preceding two years, the grape harvest was close to the average annual yield. A drier and cooler than usual year, 2015’s Barossa Valley Shiraz featured intense deep colours and rich, juicy flavours.
  • Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016: A much drier year than usual, meaning smaller fruit size, yet the overall yield was still good. The Barossa Valley Shiraz, which resulted from the harvest, offered fantastic flavours and beautiful natural acids.
  • Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017: One of the wettest years on record, Barossa Valley Shiraz vines in the region experienced one and a half times the average rainfall. This resulting Barossa Valley Shiraz was poised and elegant, with a full body and an exceptional length of flavour.
  • Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018: Featuring a warmer than average spring and resulted in fast-growing vines, robust flowering and a good yield of fruit. 2018 vintage Barossa Valley Shiraz was youthful, with beautiful purity of fruit.

The Barossa Valley boasts some of the oldest and most notable vineyards in the world and produces exceptional Shiraz. The different regions within the valley yield Shirazes that express the Shiraz grape’s aroma and tastes differently, creating a plethora of options. The distinct history of the Barossa Valley’s Shiraz adds to its current prestige and helps maintain its place in the pantheon of the world’s favourite wines.

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